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We are ecstatic to release Play2Learn, a educational game solution for K-12 students and educators, designed to improve student engagement, accelerate learning, and provide effortless academic assessment. Play2Learn is indeed a complete package, heightening the educational quality of both the student and the educator. Learners are fully-immersed in Play2Learn’s 3D world, where they use play to explore, learn, and exercise academic curriculum and materials, to get primed for academic success. Designed with the teacher in mind, Play2Learn’s user-friendly teacher panel features easy curriculum management for any subject and content, lesson plan and homework input, and a statistical dashboard to track student performance and create reports — a simple yet powerful tool.

Paul the Whale

Colaboration: Comet Logo
In collaboration with Comet Entertainment, we present “Paul the Whale,” a children’s adventure 3D mobile game! Journey through beautiful and fascinating lands with Paul, Nicholas, and Sophia as they protect their endangered friends and fend of mysterious bad guys who are trying to pollute the environment. Use special abilities, power-ups, and solve challenging puzzles while you learn about the importance of environmental awareness.   Have fun while learning today!

Fluffy Cloud

Mr. Fluffy is a little puffy cloud who lives in Cirrusville. Don’t let his cute and bashful appearance fool you though! Mr. Fluffy delivers quite a shock when it comes to protecting the environment. Use power-ups and learn new abilities in this addictively-designed game to let baddies know not to be wasteful or pollute!

Coming Soon!