We proudly offer 2D artwork and graphics services, be it artwork, characters, icons, interfaces, backgrounds or vectors! Need a cute, cartoon feel to your graphics? What about an edgy, serious tone? Regardless of your specifications, we got it covered!
  • Animation

  • Character Design

  • Level Design


We work great in creating 2D animations that are smooth and polished. We like to give our 2D models animations that are lively and pushed to the limit while being efficient with the amount of frames.

Character Design

When designing characters, we prioritize the role and purpose of the character within each project. From the cute and cuddly Mr. Fluffy to the dual pistol-wielding Inkslain, our character designs are functional and set out to capture the hearts of their audiences.

Level Design

It takes a high level of creativity and technical expertise to build a good game level that should be fun, engaging, efficient, spontaneous, and mechanics-driven. Here at Blazing Soft, we are confident that you will enjoy our level designs.