Let our skilled graphics team generate your 3D world. Enjoy both our low and high poly models that are detailed to fit your needs. We are more than confident that you will be satisfied with our fluid animations and beautiful textures.

  • Modeling

  • Textures

  • Animation

  • Rigging


We are adept in creating distinctive 3D models, whether high or low poly, to fit your project’s necessities. In addition, we guarantee that our models are precise and identical to its concept or reference.


Textures can make or break the quality of a 3D model. At Blazing Soft, it is our standard to provide 3D textures that are artistically fitting, detailed, and vivid.


Animations need to be fluid, realistic, and charismatic to really bring a 3D model to life. We expect nothing less than outstanding from our 3D animators who are experienced in videogames, cinematics, and animated movies. Let every gesture be captured to its entirety.


3D rigging can be done much more quickly and cost-efficient by veterans who have a keen eye for 3D anatomy. Our creative professionals are sure to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck!