The success of a game is dependent on whether it has a clear, detailed and well-executed game design. Let our team handle that for you.
  • Storyboard

  • User Interface

  • Level Design

  • Character Design

  • Gameplay

  • Concepts


Storyboards are a fast and cost-efficient way to impart background stories, narratives, and helping others understand ideas better. Not only do we use storyboards to communicate and explain things to clients, we also help clients make storyboards for their projects!

User Interface

Designing game or web app’s user interface can be a mind-boggling task. Unsure about the type of user interface you want? Let our graphics artists create a user interface that is fitting to the project’s style, interactive, and user-friendly!

Level Design

It takes a high level of creativity and technical expertise to build a good game level that should be fun, engaging, efficient, spontaneous, and mechanics-driven. Here at Blazing Soft, we are confident that you will enjoy our level designs.

Character Design

When designing characters, we prioritize the role and purpose of the character within each project. From the cute and cuddly Mr. Fluffy to the dual pistol-wielding Inkslain, our character designs are functional and set out to capture the hearts of their audiences.


The major key factor in developing a successful game is the establishment of meaningful interactions within the game. These interactions have to be challenging and rewarding. Our team of designers and coders are apt at engineering game mechanics to incorporate interactions that are challenging and rewarding. Let us design and code your projects to success!


The success of any project begins with a clear concept. We strive for successful projects, therefore we create clear concepts. Let our artistic graphics team illustrate your visual development.